You probably know Nokia for its cell phones, but did you know it also helps first responders get to emergencies faster? With the help of Banyan Networks and Nokia, Hawai‘i County is modernizing its public communications technology.

Sponsored by Banyan Networks and Nokia

Nokia is focused on providing LTE and high-speed networks across the country, as well as enhancing mission-critical infrastructure such as Hawai‘i County’s DWDM project. This project allows more information to go through the county’s existing fiber networks, thus giving these fibers more bandwidth and making response times faster. Right now, it works with eight channels, but could theoretically upgrade to 64 without adding any new infrastructure.

Part of the project entails allowing each public safety department to have its own designated section of fiber, which will increase county security.

“Right now, our security has each of the departments riding over a single fiber, and all the data is kind of mixed in with each other. With this project, we’ll actually be able to segment out the fiber and give each department its own fiber link to each other,” said Scott Uehara, County of Hawai‘i, Director of Information Technology.

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