Banyan Networks has completed phase I of its consulting engagement working to upgrade the 30 year old radio system for Guam. Banyan Networks, along with the Guam Police Department and Fire Department met with Governor Lourdes Leon Guerrero and Lt. Governor Joshua Tenorio in early May to provide an update on the progress.

“Our current Land Mobile Radio System (LMR), is outdated and it’s time for improvements so we can better serve our community,” said Guam Police Chief Stephen Ignacio. Banyan Networks, based out of Honolulu, is the consultant charged with evaluating the system and overseeing the upgrade.

“We are honored to have been selected as the consultant on this project,” said Larry Dietrick, CEO and President of Banyan Networks. “Every chance we get to work with departments in any state, county, or country to help them improve their critical networks to ensure public safety we are pleased to have a role in.”

The comprehensive upgrade to Guam’s network will improve the coverage and reliability for the next two decades. The Guam Police Department has made a concerted effort to prioritize public safety through the use of advanced technology and other proactive approaches to reduce rim and keep Guam safe.

The project for Guam now moves into Phase II and it is estimated the entire project will be completed by the middle of 2025.

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