Do you watch the local morning news? If so, you may have seen our President and Founder, Larry Dietrick, and our VP of Sales, Dave Swirsky, introducing Banyan Networks on the HINow show. Check it out and learn how we support mission critical communications throughout the State of Hawaiʻi.

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The company has worked with Hawaiian state and local governments, public safety communications systems and private businesses for 17 years. It also provides every possible element of service, including consulting, design, project management, installation, support and maintenance.

“We look at an opportunity with our customers to help them improve, for instance, the speed of their network or the reliability of their network,” said Larry Dietrick, president and founder of Banyan Networks.

Banyan currently supports Hawaii and Maui Counties by making sure their public safety communication lines are always operational. It is also working on boosting Hawaii County’s fiber capabilities from 1G to 100G, which will provide easier communication for the island and thus faster emergency response times for public safety systems.

“The networks that Banyan Networks implement are for use of our customers, so for instance, Hawaii County Police Department and Fire Department, and first responders have their own private network that we maintain and monitor that allows them to seamlessly communicate in a time of need,” said Dietrick.

Because Banyan is Hawaii-based, it can work to address the specific needs of local communities while providing faster response times for those who need it.

Though their work can seem complex, Banyan strives to maintain a culture that is approachable and friendly to clients and the community. Each year, the company picks a local nonprofit to support; in the past, it has donated to Hawaii Food Bank and Waikiki Health, among others.

Banyan Networks is currently accepting applications for network engineers and field technicians.

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