We are so excited to announce that Banyan Networks has been selected by Pacific Business News as one of Hawaiʻi’s Best Workplaces of 2021 in the small business category (10-49 employees)!  If you’re new to marketing like us, you might think that these contests are rigged. We actually wondered if it was “pay to play”. But nope….the contest was legit with some of the most insightful and heart to heart questions that each of our staff members responded to anonymously. There were even trick questions that tested the acumen and attention of the survey taker. We thought the survey was such a valuable tool that we saved all the questions as they are reminders of how to gauge life-work balance and how to value each other. We’ve included the first three for reference:

1. I’m happy with my job.
2. The people I work with treat each other with respect.
3. I find my job interesting and challenging.

Our team is growing and we invite you to join us to make the greatest positive impact that we can in our industry and our world while enjoying life.

PBN article: https://www.bizjournals.com/pacific/news/2021/04/01/pbn-best-workplaces-2021.html

Screenshot of Banyan Networks slide as 2021 Hawaiiʻs Best Workplaces

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