With the help of Banyan Networks, Hawaii County is modernizing its public communications systems to make sure its first responders can work quickly and efficiently. The county is expanding its capacities for radio frequencies so that emergency response teams will receive calls faster and therefore get to the emergency faster.

Sponsored by Banyan Networks and Nokia

“With this upgrade in our system, we’re looking for greater ability to move data faster,” said Talmadge Magno, the administrator for the County of Hawaii Civil Defense Agency. “If we have failure in the system, this new equipment will be able to take over the communications.”

The county’s current system is old, and certain parts are no longer replaceable. This is part of the reason Hawaii is switching to a more modern and advanced network. It also aims to adapt to any technology that may be developed in the future while incorporating as much redundancy as possible to prevent the system from failing in a time of crisis.

“We look to these systems to have the capacity to expand when future technology develops,” said Magno. “From my experience in emergency response and disaster mitigation, redundancy is key to any operation to avoid any failures that you have to project for. With this new system, building added redundancy will ensure that the county communications will not fail.”

Original article here: https://www.hinowdaily.com/hawaii-county-expands-emergency-service-communications-capabilities/

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