Throughout the islands of Hawai‘i, there is a vast network of public safety communication systems that are managed and maintained by various agencies.  Often, these systems share the same infrastructure such as radio towers, antennas, and even radio links. It can also be advantageous if the systems are interoperable, meaning that communication networks have the ability to work together to provide seamless communication between agencies.

The next time you are in the vast wilderness, (maybe you are hunting in the mountains or hiking through green rolling fields surrounded by cows), look for the highest point.  Do you see a radio tower?  This could be your lifeline in the worst-case scenario.  First responders rely on these sites to keep you safe.  It is our job to make sure some of these systems never go down.

Yesterday, one of our systems engineers performed maintenance at a radio tower site. He had some 4-legged bovine supervisors providing quality control on a gorgeous green field surrounded by mountains. Check out his photos below.

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