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Having just attended AFCEA TechNet Cyber in Baltimore, MD, Banyan Networks is particularly tuned into our National Defense posture and international affairs. We honor our Veterans and give thanks for the peaceful life you have provided for the majority of us by your service and sacrifices. Thank you Veterans.

A special thanks to the Veterans at Banyan Networks. Your work ethic, dedication, and commitment are exemplary. We managed to get our Veterans to share some of their experiences and insights from their military service below. We salute you.

Brian Peres, US Army Reserve

Brian Peres, US Army Reserve & Moose

Brian Peres

United States Army Reserve

“Going into the military helped me grow up quickly. It also introduced me to many different cultures and individuals from different backgrounds from my own.

I think that affected my career in that I felt more comfortable based on that experience working with people from all over the world. I learned quickly how to look for queues and nuances in body language from others to ensure that they felt comfortable working with me in a shared environment. And in doing so, learning that when people feel comfortable working with you that you become more productive together.”

Keone Williams

United States Navy
Keone’s currently in the field ensuring the integrity of mission critical communications systems for Maui County.

Keone Williams, United States Navy

Keone Williams, United States Navy

Joseph Everett

Camp Lejeune, NC
Assigned to the S6 section of the 26th MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit)
United States Marine Corps

“I was active duty Marine Corps from 1998-2002, I was stationed at Camp Lejeune NC and assigned to the S6 section of the 26th MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit). The 26th MEU’s AO (Area of Operations) was the Mediterranean sea, basically on a normal deployment we would float around, pull into different ports sometime just for liberty call. Other times we were there to do training exercises with an allied nation’s military.

Map of the Mediterranean Sea

Map of the Mediterranean Sea

Joseph Everett, US Marine Corps

Joseph Everett, US Marine Corps (top row, second from right)

Joseph Everett, US Marine Corps

Joseph Everett, US Marine Corps (bottom left)

Joe Everett, Banyan Networks

Joe Everett, Banyan Networks

On my first deployment, we did training with Croatian and Egyptian militaries. We also did a ‘show of force’ off the coast of Montenegro when the country was holding their first ever democratic elections which were threatened by then Yugoslavia President Slobodan Milosevic. Our MEU stood by on the USS Saipan in the Adriatic Sea to ensure that Montenegro could hold their elections peacefully.

A team I was on also did a US Embassy assessment in Beirut, when the Embassy was receiving threats and planning at least a partial evacuation. We shared a port call in Naples, Italy with the crew of the USS Cole. Sadly, the USS Cole was bombed while refueling in Yemen.

My second deployment was to Afghanistan, just after 9/11 in the planned attack on Kandahar. I was my Executive Officer’s communications operator during the attack. Once we took control of the airport, I ran classified and unclassified networks, setup radio networks, pots phones, and managed satellite phones.

If I could sum up my service in one sentence I would have to say my time in service was good, it gave me a purpose and created bonds that have lasted to this day. I have done a lot of military contracting as a civilian and I think that the military members I worked with trusted me more because I had been enlisted and knew what they would or could be going through.”

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