Split Mount Microwave Tower

This photo was taken by Dan Kodama, Network Engineer at Banyan Networks.

This photo was taken by Dan Kodama, one of our Network Engineers at Banyan Networks.

We’re looking at a communications tower that supports multiple agencies on O‘ahu. The cluster of 3 equipment modules mounted on the tower is an ODU (Outdoor Unit) used in split-mount microwave systems. Typically, the ODU is mounted near the antennae high up on the tower which is then connected to a shelter containing additional equipment.

In this case, the communications shelter was further from the tower than ideal, so to cut down on the distance to run waveguide RF cabling, Dan developed the solution pictured which resulted in the following:

  • Reduced the waveguide RF cabling from 400 ft. to 40 ft.
  • Minimized RF signal loss
  • Deployed the ODU lower to the ground
  • ODU maintenance can be performed without a tower crew – requiring only a ladder

Overall, the solution is an ideal fit for the location, maximizing the RF signal and optimizing the radio system.

Big Mahalos Dan!

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