During one of the most severe pandemics of our lifetime, our team has been improving and increasing the capacity of critical infrastructure for state and local governments as well as private industry within Hawai‘i. We’ve dealt with the challenges of supply chain issues, scheduling, and emergency proclamations, all while supporting public safety communication networks, and providing 24/7 around-the-clock managed services.

In order to sustain our operations we have relied on our dedicated staff and our trusted business partners to fulfill our mission and provide continuity of services. Last week, Nokia executives were in town to receive an industry brief and hold a strategy session.

While MS Teams calls have done the job of connecting us over time zones and continents, the face to face time we have spent together has been invaluable. Our industry partners are not just invested in Hawai‘i to make a quick dollar. They are trusted partners and people that we value in our lives who share similar values and a mission to create huge amounts of positive change.

When we get together, we talk not just about strategy, vertical markets and pipelines, but we also discuss our families, hobbies, life’s ambitions, dreams, and goals. When we synchronize our vision and our efforts, we find a flow of life-work balance where we can both achieve our business and personal goals.

Connecting on a human level, we are so excited to develop this partnership in order to provide exceptional innovative solutions for the State of Hawai‘i

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