Towers of Powers (Telecommunications and Public Safety Networks – not 50 years of Funk & Soul)

Recently, we were onsite at a remote communications tower location which supports multi-agencies including State, Local, and Federal Government as well as public utilities.

The trip is a full day of 4WD off-roading, approximately two hours in and two hours out of this remote, isolated location surrounded by native forest and misty cloud-cover. Communications towers require regular inspections and maintenance in order to prevent oxidization.  Corrosion is amplified and accelerated in Hawai‘i due to VOG (volcanic emissions), extreme weather conditions and highly corrosive Pacific Ocean breezes laden with salt.

Banyan Networks provides a full scope of tower support including engineering the design, installation, maintenance, management, repair, remediation, and replacement.  We hold the following licenses to provide services in the State of Hawai‘i:

  • CT-37390 – Contractor’s License
  • C15B – Telecommunications Contractor
  • C68TN – Tower Design, Construction and Modification
  • Licensed Professional Engineer – Structural Engineer

Towers are high maintenance, and we utilize drones to capture video footage of every component to conduct inspections with our in-house FAA-licensed drone pilots who have extensive experience with tower inspections.

Due to the sensitive nature of the site, we can’t show you all of the recent footage, but turn up the volume and enjoy this reel that captures the beauty of a stunning isolated location in the County of Hawai‘i, surrounded by red volcanic cinder cones and native ‘Ohia Lehua.

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